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This Knowledgebase article provides a list of Knowledgebase articles that individually address specific unexpected Neverfail Heartbeat behaviors.

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Unexpected behaviors are exceptional failure cases when Neverfail does not act as expected. These conditions generally arise because a particular pattern of failures puts Heartbeat into state from which it cannot recover easily, either because the failure mode is unexpected OR because human intervention is required to decide on the correct recovery route.

Unexpected behavior scenarios are generally well documented in the Neverfail Knowledgebase; however, if you encounter an undocumented problem, you should gather the logs and send them to your Support representative, together with a detailed description of the environment and of the problem encountered.

For more information on how to gather Neverfail logs, see Knowledgebase article #146 - 'How to retrieve the Neverfail Heartbeat logs and other useful information for Support purposes'

Neverfail has identified below a list of commonly encountered unexpected Neverfail Heartbeat behaviors.  Click on a link below to find out more about a specific unexpected Neverfail Heartbeat behavior including how to troubleshoot it.

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