Application Manager: script accounts cannot be configured from a remote Management Client


Neverfail Heartbeat allows users to configure the accounts under which application start, stop and monitor scripts execute.  These settings can be altered from the Application > Configuration panel of the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client.

In V5.0.1 of Heartbeat, this function does not work correctly from a Management Client running on a remote computer.  It is possible to register user accounts via such a remote Management Client; but these accounts cannot be assigned to the application control scripts (start / stop / monitor) because the drop-down list which is used to perform the assignment is always empty.

Configuration via a local Management Client, running on either server in the pair, works normally.  If you need to configure an application control script to run under a specific user account in Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.1, you should do this from a Management Client running on the Primary or Secondary server.

NOTE:  Under normal circumstances it is not necessary for a System Administrator to alter these account settings.


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