How to Change the Data Replication Port



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to change your (channel) data replication port on a Neverfail server pair.

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The Default Channel Port is the data replication port number used by default, by the Neverfail Channel. It should not be changed unless this port is already in use. To check, type netstat -a in a command window, when Neverfail Heartbeat is not running.

If you do need to change the 'Default Channel Port', ensure that you choose a different port number than that of the 'Client Connection Port'.


How to change the 'Data Replication Port':

  1. From your Start menu, select Programs -> Neverfail -> Configure Server to open the Server Configuration wizard.
  2. Select the Channel tab.
  3. Server Configuration Wizard

  4. Change the 'Default Channel Port' value to an unused value (use the ‘netstat -a’ command described above to check whether a port number is being used or not). Ensure that you choose a different number than that of the Client Connection Port (default value is 52267).
  5. Click Finish

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