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This Knowledgebase article provides information on how to set the Maximum Disk Usage for a Neverfail server.

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During installation of Neverfail, the Maximum Disk Usage is set by default to 1 GB in v6.0 or earlier and 10 GB in v6.2 or later .  After successful installation, the Maximum Disk Usage can be adjusted if necessary via the Server Configuration wizard.


To configure disk usage, follow the steps below:

  1. Prior to making changes to the Neverfail configuration, first shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat.
  2. From the start menu, select Programs -> Neverfail -> Configure Server , to open the Server Configuration wizard.
  3. Select the Logs tab.
  4. Server Configuration Logs

    This screen determines where the server will temporarily store replication data it receives, which is called the passive server's receive (safe) queue, and the replication data waiting to be sent, called the active server's send (unsafe) queue. This configuration only affects this server. If desired, logs can be in different locations on the Primary and Secondary servers.

    Configuration hint

    If a relative path is used (for example,  just log) then this will be relative to the installation directory. A full path can also be used (for example, D:\nflog). Performance can be optimized by selecting a different physical disc from the protected application.

    On this screen, you can configure the maximum disk space to be used for logging. The log files can build up on the active server if it cannot communicate with the passive server. This can also happen on the passive server for certain operations, or if the server is under heavy load. Once the quota is reached, replication will stop and your system will no longer be protected. Neverfail recommends that you leave the default disk space setting at 1GB in v6.0 or earlier and 10 GB in v6.2 and later if possible.

  5. Browse to the desired temporary data storage location or enter the path to the temporary data storage location.
  6. Enter the desired Maximum Disk Usage.  Note: Neverfail recommends the default (1GB in v6.0 or earlier and 10 GB in v6.2 and later) be set.
  7. Click Finish .

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