ACPI Compliance and HAL Compatibility References for Installing Neverfail Heartbeat



This Knowledgebase article contains important pre-requisite information for installation of Neverfail Heartbeat.  In addition, this Knowledgebase article details the ACPI Compliance and HAL version compatibility prerequisites for installing Neverfail Heartbeat and describes the methods to obtain and compare the ACPI and HAL versions of the server pair.

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Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) is the current standard for the way the BIOS hardware interface works in conjunction with the operating system.

The Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) is an abstraction layer between the physical hardware and the software installed on a computer, which allows portability of the kernel code on different hardware. The HAL of a system is directly linked to the ACPI compliance of that system.

The Neverfail Heartbeat installation prerequisites mention that the ACPI Compliance and the HAL version must be the same on both servers. If any of these two differ, the installation is not feasible and the backup made on the Primary cannot be successfully restored on the Secondary server.

Steps to Determine the HAL and ACPI Compliance

There are two ways of ensuring the installation is feasible in respect to these two prerequisites:

  1. Run SCOPE Data Collector on each server independently. The data collected is then uploaded for analysis on the Neverfail Extranet and then the results are compared.

On the Primary / Secondary Server Operating Environment section of the report, you must have the same versions in respect to the “HAL” and “Windows build type” fields.

  1. The second way of ensuring they are the same is to manually check their versions:

The ACPI compliance of each of your servers can be found through the 'Windows Device Manager' by expanding the Computer node.

The HAL version of your servers can be found by opening the 'Properties' of c:\<WinInstallDir>\system32\hal.dll and browsing to the 'Version Tab'.

For further information, please see this Microsoft Knowledge Base article #309283 - 'HAL options after Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 Setup'.

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