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This Knowledgebase article states Neverfail's policy on AM(X) requests.

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  1. Neverfail Support will not offer or provide any support for customizations performed in the field by customers or partners. Neverfail will only support the core product. If an issue arises, Neverfail Support will attempt to isolate the problem (using the existing functionality to disable all customizations). If after disabling the customizations the core product operates as designed, Neverfail Support will not provide any further troubleshooting or support for the issue.
  2. Neverfail Support will not offer or provide any support for customizations performed in the field by Neverfail Staff. Should a Field Engineer make an unplanned modification while onsite to allow the core product to operate, the modifications made are not supported.
  3. Neverfail offers a customization service for 3rd party applications under the following conditions:
    1. Any third party applications which the customer wants to protect should be identified before installation through SCOPE and must meet the Acceptance Guidelines below.
    2. Acceptance Guidelines for “Third Party” applications:
      • Any proposal for customization must be reviewed and approved by a Professional Services Manager before it is proposed.
      • A custom solution must meet the following financial criteria in order to be considered:
        • A minimum initial net order value of $50k of Neverfail standard product.
        • A minimum charge for custom development of $10k.
        • Future enhancements to the customizations for new versions of the Third Party application will be $10k.
        • Payment for the entire order must be received before development starts.
        • Neverfail will use “reasonable commercial efforts” to develop the customizations but cannot guarantee that we can deliver the custom application support.
      • Third Party customizations are not published external to Neverfail.

Customization Examples:

  • Customer A has a server running MS SQL Server, which also runs a 3rd party application, which sits on top of SQL Server. They want us to provide full protection for this application, including service monitoring and registry replication. The HB/SQL AM deal size must be $50k and they must also pay an additional $10k for the customizations.
  • Customer B has a server running the same configuration as Customer A, but they don’t want to pay $10k for any customizations and feel that they can “get away with” just creating some custom files filters and modifying their Neverfail start/stop tasks. Neverfail will still sell Heartbeat and the SQL Server Plug-in to this customer, but we will not support any custom work (regardless of who actually does the custom work, including our own field engineers). If they have problems and call Neverfail for support, we’ll tell them to remove the custom file filters and disable user defined tasks before providing them with any support.
  • Customer C has an application not covered by any Neverfail Plug-ins. They just want to buy Neverfail Heartbeat, and then write their own file filters and user defined tasks. Neverfail will still sell Heartbeat to this customer, but we will not support any customer work (same as the previous example).

Notes About Plug-in Questionnaires:

  • The Plug-in Questionnaire does not determine whether or not a plug-in is “needed” for a particular application. The only way to answer that is to ask the customer if they want to fully protect the application (including replication of registry changes and monitoring application services).
  • The Plug-in Questionnaire does not provide a guarantee that a particular application can be protected. It simply serves as the “first gate” in the process – a sanity check before we proceed with development. We may discover during the course of development that the application has some unique characteristics that in fact make it impossible to protect, or protect fully with seamless failover.

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