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Note: This product is no longer available or supported.

This Knowledgebase article explains the protection offered by the Kronos Workforce Central AM(X). A sister article, Knowledgebase article #955 - 'Kronos Workforce Central – Application Module eXtension – Versions', lists all the versions of the AM(X). In addition, there are links from that sister Knowledgebase article to other Knowledgebase articles that explain the unique features of each version.

More Information

The Kronos Workforce Central suite is a complete solution that can address all the complexities of a workplace, providing the tools to optimize workforce performance. The AM(X) is designed for Neverfail for IIS and protects the Kronos services, program files and all the necessary configuration information.

Protected Services

This is a list of all services protected by this AM(X). Please note that where an AM(X) supports multiple vendor versions, some services may not be present in a particular version.

  • JRun Default Server (JRun Default)
  • SentinelService (SentinelService)
  • Kronos WFC Background Processor (wtkappnt##)

More than one Kronos WFC Background Processor service can be installed on a single machine - a number will be appended to the service name. When the AM(X) is installed, all protected services will be set to manual unless otherwise stated.

Protected Data

This is a description of the protected data set that was determined at AM(X) install time. Please note that exact filters will be based on the configuration of the application at the moment that the AM(X) was installed.

  • All the registry configuration data
  • The install location of Kronos WFC and program files
  • The Workforce Connect program files
  • The Data Collection Manager program files

Automatic Filter Discovery

The AM(X) protects the WFC Background Processor service(s) found at install time. The AM(X) does not offer an automatic filter discovery component. If new instances of this service are added, or the applications install location changes, the AM(X) will need to be reinstalled according to Knowledgebase article #462 - 'How to Upgrade or Reinstall an Application Module to Protect Previously Unprotected Features', for the new components or locations to be protected.

Additional Information

This AM(X) requires a post installation step to be made before finalizing the install and also presents specific runtime details. The following topics are covered in specific Knowledgebase articles:

  • For specific advice on installing Kronos Workforce Central, please review Knowledgebase article #934 - 'Recommendations When Installing Kronos Workforce Central'.
  • Kronos Workforce Central application executables are normal Windows processes and not services. The specific control mechanism for these executables is detailed in Knowledgebase article #935 - 'How the Kronos Application is Controlled by Heartbeat'.
  • The Data Collection Manager’s SentinelService may hang when shutting down. For more information please review Knowledgebase article #938 - 'Kronos Workforce Central AM(X) - "Data Collection Manager may hang sometimes on stopping "'.

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