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This Knowledgebase article contains recommendations when installing Kronos Workforce Central

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To avoid synchronization issues during normal operation, following the install of the Kronos Workforce Central AM(X) a post install step is required to configure the Neverfail for IIS filter discovery component to exclude two locations.

Kronos Workforce Central adds parts of the install location to the IIS Web Site as virtual directories. Kronos “bin” and “lib” folders are among the directories added as IIS virtual directories. When the IIS filter discovery component runs it will discover these directories and it will add them to the protected set. Kronos executable files are stored in those folders and adding them to the protected set prevents them from being synchronized.


To prevent IIS from adding these 2 folders to the protected set, add the following two patterns to the list of IIS exclusions. The IIS excludes file is called ‘iis-filter-excludes.txt’ and is located in <NF install dir>\r2\bin.

To add the new patterns, open the file in any text editor (e.g. notepad) and add the following strings with each one on a different line:



This will prevent the IIS filter discovery from adding the Kronos ‘bin’ and ‘lib’ Kronos folders to the protected set.

Install procedure

  1. Run the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup.exe.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions.
  3. When prompted, enter a license key that is valid for the AM(X).
  4. Proceed through the install, when prompted provide the location of the extracted KronosWorkfoceCentral.amx script.
  5. If any of the pre-install checks fail, correct the problem and then select Back and then Next for the checks to be run.
  6. After Kronos has been installed, go to <Heartbeat install directory>\R2\bin and locate the file 'iis-filter-excludes.txt'.
  7. Open the file in any text editor (e.g. notepad.exe) and add the following strings to the end of the file, with each string on a different line:
  8. \wfc\bin\


    After you have added the strings, the contents of the file should look like this:

    \OpenManage\Array Manager\






  9. Steps 6 and 7 must be performed on both the Primary and the Secondary servers.

Applies To

Neverfail for Kronos Workforce Central AM(X)

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