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This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail for RightFax Server.

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  • Neverfail for RightFax Server 2006-11-06

New Features

  • This version of this Application Module supports the latest RightFax Server hotfixes as detailed in Knowledgebase article #556 - 'RightFax Server – Application Module – Versions'. There are no other changes.

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Supporting Documentation

For more information about Neverfail for RightFax Server, please see Neverfail Heartbeat - Technical Documentation - Reference Guide - V5.0 .

Installation Information

In order to install, this AM(X) requires Neverfail Heartbeat V5.0.1 -V5.0.3.

  1. Run the Neverfail Heartbeat Setup.exe.
  2. Follow the on screen instructions.
  3. When prompted, enter a license key that is valid for:
    • The RightFax Server Application Module
    • The SQL Server Application Module
    • This is only required if SQL Server / MSDE is installed locally.
  4. Proceed through the install, and when prompted select the appropriate Application Modules.
    • If you have a local database
      • SQL Server 2000 / 2005
      • MSDE database
      • SQL Express Edition
    • select the SQL Server Application Module and then click 'Next' o therwise, just click 'Next'
  5. When prompted for AM(X)s provide the location of the extracted "RightFaxServer.amx" script and then click 'Next'.
  6. If any of the pre-install checks fail, correct the reported problem and then click 'Back' and then 'Next' for the checks to be run again.

    Please note that the RightFax Application Module will fail to install if Setup.exe cannot detect Version 9.0 or 9.3 of RightFax Server.
  7. If you have version 9.0 of RightFax Server and the SQL Server is installed locally, some RightFax services will also be added to the bottom of the list of services within the Stop.bat script corresponding to the SQL Server Application Module (The number of services present in that script are dependant on the RightFax service pack level and what services are installed on particular servers).

  8. In order to gracefully shutdown, (with no warnings/errors) these services need to be stopped before the SQL Services are stopped. Using a text editor, move the following service entries to the top of the list.
    • rfserver
    • rfdb
    • rfrpc
    • rfdoctrans

If this is not done, the services will still be stopped but will generate errors or warnings in the Application Event Log when switching or stopping. Neverfail strongly recommends that these actions be performed immediately after install or re-install of the RightFax Application Module takes place.

If you have version 9.3 of RightFax server installed and the SQL Server is installed locally some RightFax services will be added in the list of services within the Start.bat script corresponding to the SQL Server Application Module


The number of services present in that script are dependant on the RightFax service pack
level and what services are installed on particular servers.

  • rfserver
  • rfdb
  • rfdoctrans

In order to make sure the application starts and stops correctly during a switchover
the RFSERVER service needs to be first within the RightFax related services.

Additional "Work Servers" and/or "Email Gateways"

If additional Work Servers and/or Email Gateways are created after the Neverfail installation, an uninstall and reinstall of the RightFax Server Application Module will be necessary in order to add protection for the newly created service. Please note that this can be achieved with Zero Application Downtime.

Please note that unlike other Application Modules, the Right Fax Application Module need only be reinstalled on the Primary-active server as described in the instructions bellow. The Work Servers/Email Gateways need only be created on the Primary Server; Neverfail Heartbeat will replicate the services to the Secondary Server:

Updating the Heartbeat Module Configuration

  1. Make sure the Primary Server is active.
  2. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat, opt to leave the protected application running.
  3. Run Setup.exe and select "Uninstall Selected Components".
  4. Select the RightFaxServer Application Module from the list of available modules.
  5. Click 'Next', to complete the uninstall, and then 'Finish'.
  6. Add and configure the necessary "Work Servers"/"Email Gateways".
  7. Make sure the newly created service is running (start it if it's not).
  8. Run Setup.exe and select "Install AM(X)".
  9. Browse to the location of the RightFaxServer.amx script.

Completing the Service Installation on the Secondary Server

  1. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on both Primary-active and Secondary-passive servers allow the pair to complete the synchronization and verification process.
  2. When the synchronization has completed, shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat leaving the protected application running.
  3. Reboot Secondary-passive server.
  4. Restart Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary-active server.

The creation of the "Work Server"/"Email Gateway" can be done while Heartbeat is still running, however the services will not be replicated or protected by the monitoring components until the above procedure has been performed.

NOTE: it is recommended that on the Secondary server the administrator double checks and re-enters the credentials (user/password) under which the newly created service will run because under some circumstances the newly created service might not start properly due to a "logon failure" if this is not performed.

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Neverfail for RightFax Server

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