Switchover and Failover Fail if the Password is Set for Lotus Domino Service



This Knowledgebase article provides information about a known issue that might arise if there is a password set for the Lotus Domino Server service that is protected by Neverfail.

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In a Lotus Domino environment, server IDs are, technically, the same as user IDs, but are used in different ways. Servers are normally members of the "LocalDomainServers" group, which are customarily set with Manager rights to application and mail databases. Beside authentication, the server ID is used to sign design elements or encrypt databases (as the server ID has a lifespan of 100 years).

As well as the user IDs, the server IDs can have a password set; the server console will prompt for it at every server start, which will require user intervention.

When using Neverfail for Lotus Domino to protect your Lotus Domino server, it is recommended that you do not set a password for the Lotus Domino service.  Otherwise, during a switchover / failover the Domino service will not start on the new active server as the timeout in application starting/stopping is exceeded (if the password is not supplied).

If you have set a password for the Domino server, you can disable it by logging in with the server ID and going to File -> Security -> User Security -> Change Password and choosing "No Password".

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