Erasing Data and Cleaning Blackberry 8700g Handset for New User or to Fix Problems



This Knowledgebase article provides information on the procedure to remove a user, lock and wipe data from the handheld remotely, and clear any leftover data.

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How to remove a user, lock and wipe data from the handheld remotely and clear any leftover data such as passwords on the handset. Fixes handset locking up during activation.


On the server

    1. Open the BES manager application on the server and click on server name in the tree on the left of the window
    2. Click on the Users tab then highlight the user that you want to remove or reset
    3. Click on the IT Admin link on the lower right window
    4. Click on the Erase data and disable handheld then confirm when requested

On the handset

Goto Options, Security Options, General Settings, Password, and select Wipe handheld

You should now be able to re-assign or re-activate the handheld.

Applies To

BlackBerry 8700g

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