How To Setup New Users and Handheld Devices on Blackberry Enterprise Server



This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to setup a new user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server and activate new handsets.

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To setup a new handset and or user on the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, follow the procedure listed below.


  1. Open the BES manager
  2. Click on the server name in the left pane of the window
  3. Go to the users tab and Click Add User
  4. Select the user from the GAL and Click Users > Service Access > Assign activation code and Assign a one off password to allow activation.
  5. Use the Activate option on the handset with the email address and code assigned above. Make sure that the correct time and date are set on the handheld device and also make sure that the wireless is on before attempting to activate.

Applies To

BlackBerry Enterprise Server All Versions

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