System Manager's Introduction to Support and Troubleshooting Information in the Neverfail Knowledgebase


This article provides a short introduction for systems managers, and summarizes the resources available to assist in managing Neverfail software.


NOTE: Neverfail recommends providing all systems management staff with usernames and passwords to access the Neverfail Extranet and this Knowledgebase. Your site Extranet Administrator can create new usernames.

The Neverfail Knowledgebase is a searchable database of technical articles providing information and advice, ranging from implementation and upgrade notes to solutions for common issues. The Knowledgebase aims to provide the latest information at the earliest possible opportunity, and new articles are added regularly.

The Knowledgebase supplements the technical documentation, which also is available for download from this site. To download technical documentation, click Product / Downloads on the Neverfail Extranet pages, select your product, and click the name of the document you want to download on a list of available documentation.

In most cases, users should be able to resolve questions immediately based on the information provided in the Technical Documentation and Knowledgebase without requiring additional advice from their nearest Neverfail Support Center.

The articles listed below provide a brief introduction to the range of topics available. The Knowledgebase search feature can help you find more information about your questions.


General Advice Regarding Implementation and Configuration

Knowledgebase article #4 Products and Versions
Knowledgebase article #968 Neverfail Installation Prerequisites
Knowledgebase article #2 Third Party Applications Supported by Neverfail
Knowledgebase article #104 Interoperability with Anti-Virus products
Knowledgebase article #1172 Best Practices for Integrating Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6 and Later with Backup Solutions
Knowledgebase article #507 How to Request a License Key for Neverfail Heartbeat using SCOPE Stand-Alone Collector
Knowledgebase article #1255 How to request a license key for Neverfail Heartbeat using SCOPE Data Collector Service V5.3 and later
Knowledgebase article #205 Switching between servers
Knowledgebase article #435 Upgrading Neverfail Heartbeat (All Versions)
Knowledgebase article #128 How to Use the NFPKTFLTR Command-Line Options
Knowledgebase article #995 How to Configure Application Start/Stop/Monitoring Processes in Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2[.n] and Earlier
Knowledgebase article #466 How to create a static route for the Neverfail Channel connection in a WAN environment
Knowledgebase article #389 How to use the Neverfail utility DNSUpdate.exe (DNS)
Knowledgebase article #206 A list of Default Neverfail Heartbeat Ports
Knowledgebase article #6 Neverfail Glossary


Support Service

Knowledgebase article #215 Raising a Support Request with your Neverfail Support Center
Knowledgebase article #2955 How to retrieve the Neverfail Heartbeat logs and other logs for Support purposes
Knowledgebase article #2935 How to View, Filter and Export Event Logs
Knowledgebase article #213 Neverfail Support Public Holiday Dates, UK & Europe


Common Issues

Knowledgebase article #2947 Resolve Two Active Servers
Knowledgebase article #2946 Resolve Two Passive Servers
Knowledgebase article #820 How to Recover from a Failover
Knowledgebase article #444 How to Restart the Primary (Active) Server
Knowledgebase article #443 How to Restart the Secondary (Passive) Server
Knowledgebase article #985 Resolve an Invalid Neverfail License
Knowledgebase article #2951 MaxDiskUsage Errors
Knowledgebase article #2949 Neverfail Synchronization Failures
Knowledgebase article #992 Neverfail Channel Drops
Knowledgebase article #500 The set of File Filters is reset to C:\PROTECTED\**. What should I do next?
Knowledgebase article #298 How to Use the File Filter Rule Syntax
Knowledgebase article #48 Event ID 37 Error Message: NeverfailMonitor: The following attribute failed its check. Attribute name
Knowledgebase article #321 Neverfail for FileServer: Unprotected Features of the Windows 2000/2003 File System
Knowledgebase article #114 How to install the Neverfail Packet Filter Driver on a NIC Team (TEAMED NICs, NIC Teaming)
Knowledgebase article #84 What Can Happen with Exchange when System Times are not in Sync


System Changes

Various articles exist to describe upgrading Windows, hardware or the protected application; a search on “upgrading” will offer a selection of articles. In addition, the following short list provides examples of the range of subjects covered.

Knowledgebase article #832 How to apply Operating System (OS) patches or hotfixes with minimal interruption
Knowledgebase article #531 How to Stretch LAN to WAN in Neverfail Heartbeat V5.2.2 and Prior
Knowledgebase article #1431 How to Stretch LAN to WAN in Neverfail Heartbeat V5.3.0 and Later
Knowledgebase article #851 How to replace a Windows 2003 server in the event of a failure
Knowledgebase article #1816 How to replace a Windows 2000 server in the event of a failure
Knowledgebase article #120 Replacing a network interface card
Knowledgebase article #843 How to Change the Principal (Public) IP Address Settings
Knowledgebase article #492 How to Change the Neverfail Channel IP address(es) when Neverfail is already installed on the pair

If you have any suggestions for new articles, please contact your Neverfail support representative.


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