Channel Statistics Indicate Twice the Data Throughput on One of the Channels



This Knowledgebase article provides information about when channel statistics indicate twice the data throughput on one of the channels.


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During Neverfail operations, the channel statistics report a difference of greater than 50% in transferred data over the two channels. Other observable indicators include an increase in the 'Estimated time to empty the unsafe queue' on System panel.


This may indicate a problem with the network card or routing.


Confirmation Test: Neverfail Heartbeat should be shutdown. To confirm the problem independently, copy a file across each of the channels using network shares, one after the other, timing each transfer. If times vary significantly then this may indicate a routing or network driver problem.

If routing issues are not the source of the problem, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Primary server, set the Neverfail service to 'Manual'.
  2. Uninstall the affected channel network card and reboot.
  3. Allow PNP to redetect the card.
  4. Allow the Neverfail Packet Filter driver to install.
  5. Add the IP address and disable NetBIOS.
  6. Uncheck the packet filter driver from the NIC.
  7. Reboot.

Perform the Confirmation test described above, if network copy times are as expected then set the services back to 'Automatic' and start Neverfail Heartbeat.

If network copy times are still very large, then set the service to the 'Automatic' and repeat the above steps on the Secondary server. For further information, please run Neverfail SCOPE and check the Neverfail SCOPE report output.


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