Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.3 onwards support /3GB switch with Windows 2003 SP1



This Knowledgebase article details known issues related to running Neverfail on a server pair that has the /3GB switch enabled.


More Information

Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.3 onwards can be run on Windows 2003 SP1 when the system is configured to boot with the /3GB and/or /userva=3030 options. It is however, still recommended that the following scenarios be avoided:

  • Running Driver Verifier - this should only be carried out when troubleshooting a problem on a production server.
  • Previous versions of Neverfail Heartbeat will not run using the /3GB and /userva=3030 options.

Ignoring this advice can result in undesirable consequences.

Known issue

The 3GB switch setting is not replicated from the Primary to the Secondary server neither during the backup and restore phase in the setup, nor by Heartbeat while replicating. Therefore, if the /3GB switch is needed on both servers, it should be manually set separately on the two servers.


Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.3 onwards


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