Neverfail Heartbeat Licensing Changes in V4.1 Onwards



This Knowledgebase article provides information about changes to Neverfail Heartbeat licensing from V4.1 onwards.

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This Knowledgebase article contains important information regarding a change to the way Neverfail Heartbeat is licensed in Versions 4.1 onward.

From Version 4.1 of Neverfail Heartbeat onwards, a license is no longer IP address specific. A hardware ID is generated for the Primary server by running SCOPE. If version 3.1 is currently installed then you will need to request a new license via the Neverfail Extranet when upgrading to V4.1 or above.

Changing Server Identity

If Neverfail Heartbeat has already been licensed and installed on a server pair, the server identity cannot be changed without a new license. A new license key based on the hardware ID for the machine that is now the Primary server must be obtained from the Neverfail Extranet. When requesting a new license, please state 'Changing server identity' as a reason.

Note: This does NOT affect failover or switchover behavior where the Secondary passive changes to become the Secondary active server.

Changing the server identity from Primary to Secondary or vice versa can only be carried out when Neverfail Heartbeat is stopped. The change can then be made via the Configure Server wizard.

Applies To

Neverfail Heartbeat V4.1 onwards

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