Do Not Set Configuration Values on the Passive Server While Not Connected



This Knowledgebase article provides information about setting configuration values on the passive server while not connected.

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If the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client or Server Configuration wizard via Start -> All Programs -> Neverfail is used to change the configuration of the passive server while the active and passive servers are not connected, (e.g. connecting the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client locally on the passive server), then this configuration will be overridden when the active server connects.

You can also use the Server Configuration wizard to swap the identities (Primary/Secondary) or role (active/passive) of the servers.  Swapping identities will invalidate the license key, which is generated as a result of running SCOPE Professional, SCOPE Enterprise Data Collector, or SCOPE Data Collector service.  If you swap identities, you will need to rerun SCOPE to obtain a new license key based on the new Primary server. A new license is not required when changing the server role (active/passive). Please contact your Neverfail support representative for further information if required.

This behavior is by design in order to resolve differences in configuration between the two servers; priority is given to the active server's configuration. The changes will occur during the connection handshake and the following message will be logged in the Neverfail Event Log.

'Configuration of [property name] differs between Active and Passive servers.
May have been set on the Passive server while not connected'

In normal operation, when the servers are connected, configuration changes will be propagated between the two servers.

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