Changing Neverfail Heartbeat server roles via the Windows Registry


In some circumstances (Upgrade, Maintenance, etc.) it may be necessary to use settings in the Windows Registry to change Heartbeat server roles. Care should be taken when using the Registry and whenever possible the Configure Server Wizard should be used to change server roles.

To change a server role to Secondary and Passive import the .reg file in the "Heartbeat Server Roles in the Registry" Utility by following the steps below. There is a sister article ( 904 ) that lists all the versions of the Heartbeat Server Roles in the Registry Utility. All Utilities appear in a submenu from the Products menu of this Extranet. Note: The latest version of this utility is available from this location

1. Stop all Neverfail Heartbeat services and protected application services.
2. Download
3. Extract the zipped file to the desired server.
4. Open the extracted .reg file with Notepad or any suitable text editor.
5. By default the .reg file will change a server to Secondary and Passive. By editing this section of the .reg file it is possible to change a server to another role e.g. Primary and Active.
6. Save any changes to the .reg file.
7. Double click the server-role.reg file to import the information.


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