Neverfail Heartbeat for Back End Exchange Servers


Neverfail Heartbeat supports installation on Back End Exchange Servers as per the standard install for an Exchange Server. Please read the installation notes below before beginning the install.

Due to the load-balancing nature of Front End Servers and the absence of application data, there is little benefit to be gained from using Neverfail Heartbeat to protect these types of servers.

1) Check that all services that do not require Neverfail protection are disabled prior to starting installation.
2) Follow the Guide for Standard Install.
3) At step 3i) check to make sure that the correct services are specified in the start and stop scripts. Amend where appropriate.
4) When the installation is complete, start the Application Module GUI for Exchange
[Start / Programs / Neverfail / Application Module for Exchange].
Check the service restart actions are correct for each of the services.
Services that do not need to be monitored should be set to 'No Action'.


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