The Neverfail Heartbeat Remote Client must be of the same software version as the server pair you are remotely administering.


When remotely administering a Neverfail Heartbeat server pair you must make sure that you are running the same software revision as the server pair you are administering.

Please refer to the end of the Standard Installation Guide for instructions on how to install the Neverfail Heartbeat Remote Client.

When upgrading your Neverfail Heartbeat server pair to a newer software version of Neverfail Heartbeat you must also upgrade the Remote Client you are using. You can uninstall the Remote Client in two ways from your Desktop PC. Please note: The following instructions do NOT apply to Heartbeat Installed Servers.

1. Run "Uninstall Neverfail Heartbeat" from the Start Menu under Neverfail.


2. From Add/Remove Programs uninstall "Neverfail Heartbeat"


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