Notes on file-level anti-virus support for Neverfail for File Server


Neverfail for File Server may be run in conjunction with the following file-level anti-virus products:

Please see KB 2 section "File-Level Antivirus Products Supported" for details of specific Anti Virus products supported by Neverfail for File Server.

Before installing any anti-virus tool in conjunction with Neverfail Heartbeat, please read KB 104 . Virus scanning can be enabled on both servers in the pair, and protected files do not need to be excluded from scans.

It is recommended that System Administrators ensure the virus definition files on the passive servers are the same as that on the active server. This is to avoid synchronization problems which may occur if the virus scanner on one server detects and removes an infected file, while that on the other server does not. Please see KB 320 .


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