Configuring Performance Log and Alerts to collect Interceptor and Packet Filter data.


In order to assist Neverfail Support in diagnosing performance issues with Neverfail Heartbeat servers you may be requested to log performance data on counters from the following objects
- Heartbeat File Interceptor
- Heartbeat Packet Filter

On Windows 2003 the Performance Logs and Alerts service runs under the Network Service account, with this configuration it is unable to record the statistics for the kernel statistics to file.

To resolve this problem, change the Performance Logs and Alerts service account to use the Local System account. To do this, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, point to Programs, click Administrative Tools, and then click Services.
2. In Services, right-click Performance Logs and Alerts, and then click Properties.
3. In the Performance Logs and Alerts Properties Service (Local Computer) dialog box, click the Log On tab.
4. Click Local System account under Log on as, and then click OK.

Creating the Log
1. Start perfmon.exe.
2. Select Performance Logs and Alerts.
3. Right click Counter Logs and select "New log settings".
4. Supply a name e.g. Neverfail Stats.
5. Click "Add Objects".
6. Select the required performance objects.
7. Configure a sample rate 60s.
8. Select the Log Files tab.
9. Set the log file type to csv.
10. Apply the changes and then start the log.

Note: At step 5 you can select "Add counters". This will allow you to add the individual counters instead of collecting all available counters. When adding non Neverfail counters this is the preferred method because it limits the counters collected to those actually required.

Alerts can be created for any of the Neverfail counters and used to log events in the Application log, run executables, send network messages or start performance logging. Please refer to Microsoft Help for instructions on configuring this mechanism.


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