How to Ensure the Neverfail License Key Check is Not Performed on a Secondary Server



This Knowledgebase article provides information about changing the server identity from Secondary to Primary will invalidate the Neverfail License Key.

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When Neverfail Heartbeat is started, a check is performed on the Primary Server to ensure the hardware matches the installed license key. This means a license key generated on the Primary server would be invalid if used on a Secondary server that is configured as a Primary server. This can occur unintentionally if the Primary server is backed up and restored to the Secondary server and the Heartbeat configuration is not changed. It can also occur if the identity is intentionally changed from Primary to Secondary and vice versa.


The following process is required to ensure that the Neverfail License check is not performed on a Secondary server that has been restored from a backup of the Primary Server e.g. Manual Backup and Restore used to recover a server in the event of failure.

To do this, follow the procedures below:

  1. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat and Protected Application (if running).
  2. From the Neverfail Heartbeat Taskbar icon right-click and select Server Configuration wizard.
  3. On the Machine tab set the machine identity to Secondary.
  4. Set the Role to passive.
  5. On the License tab, delete the License Key and click Finish .
  6. Ignore the error about the License key.
  7. On the Logs tab, click on X at the top right corner to exit the Server Configuration wizard.
  8. From the Neverfail Heartbeat Taskbar icon right-click and select Start Neverfail Heartbeat .

    The Server should now start in Secondary (passive) mode.

    Note: If you intend to change the identity of the Secondary server to Primary permanently, and vice versa, you will need to obtain a new Neverfail License Key based upon the Secondary server's hardware.

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