Neverfail for IIS AM(X) and the limitations of administering local users.



Neverfail Heartbeat does not currently support the replication of user accounts from active to passive servers. This imposes several important restrictions upon the Administration of an IIS Web Server once Neverfail Heartbeat has been installed because the Secondary Server is a clone of the Primary, it must have identical user and group information.

- The creation of new users is not supported. This includes the following
- New POP3 users.
- Creation of new POP3 domains. Refer to Knowledgebase Article 365.
- New users for the purposes of FTP or HTTP services.
- Changes to group permissions are not supported.

These tasks all need to be performed before Neverfail Heartbeat is installed. If any of the above Administrative tasks need to be performed then the system will need to be cloned again.

Do NOT run Microsoft's IIS Lockdown Tool. This should be done prior to installing Neverfail Heartbeat with IIS Server AM(X).

Cloning Process

Note: Following instructions assume that the Primary is the Active server. Please switch prior to starting the procedure if the Secondary is Active.

1. Perform desired administrative function on Primary Active server.
2. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat during a maintenance period leaving the application running.
3. On the Primary Active server, do the following:
- a. Launch Configure Server Wizard.
- b. Reverse the role of the Primary Active server, setting it to Secondary Passive.
- c. Exit the wizard.
- d. Set the Neverfail Heartbeat service to manual.
- e. Perform a system state backup of the server.
- f. Launch Configure Server Wizard and reset the configuration to Primary Active.
- g. Exit the wizard.
4. Copy the system state backup to the Secondary Passive server.
5. Note down all IP configuration details of the Secondary Server.
6. Restore the backup of the system state to the Secondary Passive server.
7. Disconnect the public network cable from the Secondary server.
8. Reboot when prompted.
9. Allow Plug & Play to detect hardware changes. Reboot if required.
10. Reconfigure all network cards with addresses recorded at Step 9.
11. Reconnect the network leads; check you can ping across the channel.
12. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary server.
13. Start Neverfail Heartbeat on the Secondary server.
14. Start the Management Client, and check that the system connects and starts synchronizing.
15. Reset the Neverfail Heartbeat service to automatic.


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