How To Turn Off Alternate Data Stream Warnings on IIS Servers.



This Knowledgebase article provides information about turning off Alternate Data Stream warnings on IIS servers.

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By default, all versions of Neverfail Heartbeat after V4.3 will detect and report the presence of unsupported file system features (refer to Knowledgebase article #321 - 'Neverfail for File Server: Unprotected Features of the Windows 2000/2003 File System') that can not be replicated. Alternative Data Streams (ADS) are an example of one such feature.

Note: Alternative Data Streams are supported in Neverfail Heartbeat versions 4.6 onwards only.

The Indexing Service on Windows 2000 uses ADS to assist in the indexing of GIFs, JPGs, and BMPs, which are used extensively in Web Sites. The alternative data stream holds metadata for the file, and does not represent critical application data.

JSI Tip 4961 explains how to prevent the Windows 2000 Server from creating the Alternative Data Stream.  However, the only way to remove an existing stream is to copy the file to a FAT32 drive, which is not always possible.


Neverfail Heartbeat's configuration can be changed so that these streams do not cause warnings to appear in the log. The data associated with the stream will simply be ignored.

To prevent a detected data stream from being raised as an event to the user [RaiseUserEvent] issue the following command on the active server:

%drive%\neverfail\r2\bin\nfcmd localhost SetUserEvent AlternativeDataStream false

To prevent the detected stream from being logged in NFLog.txt [LogAsError], issue the following command. Note, this is only recommended on systems with large numbers of files that have ADS to prevent the NFLog from being filled with these entries.

%drive%\neverfail\r2\bin\nfcmd localhost doSetLogAsError AlternativeDataStream false

To revert back to the standard configuration simply re-issue the command substituting 'false' for 'true' in the commands above and then perform a switchover or stop and restart Neverfail Heartbeat.

Default Configuration

- FeatureType AlternativeDataStream
- CheckMask 32
- LogAsError true
- MakeOutOfSync false
- RaiseUserEvent true
- RaiseStopEvent false
- MaxOccurences 100

Disabled ADS Detection Configuration

- FeatureType AlternativeDataStream
- CheckMask 32
- LogAsError false
- MakeOutOfSync false
- RaiseUserEvent false
- RaiseStopEvent false

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