Installing ISAPI Filters to a Neverfail for IIS Server AM(X) Installation.


While Neverfail IIS Server AM(X) replicates IIS content and configuration, it does not replicate ISAPI filters between the active and passive servers. Please follow the procedure below to successfully install the filter:

Note: Substitute $application-module$ for either SQLServer or Fileserver depending which was used to install IIS.

1. Either
a. Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat
b. Stop the Neverfail Application Module Monitor service.

This is required because some filters require IIS services to be stopped during installation. If the Neverfail Application Monitor is left running it will restart the services. This could cause the filter to fail to install correctly.

2. Install the filter on the Active server.
3. On the active server open a command prompt.
4. c$> Cd \neverfail\r2\bin
5. c$> ..\scripts\$application-module$\start.bat
6. Install the filter on the Passive server.
7. On the passive server open a command prompt.
8. c$> Cd \neverfail\r2\bin
9. c$> ..\scripts\$application-module$\stop.bat
10. Depending upon option taken at Step 1
a. Start the Neverfail Service on Active and Passive servers.
b. Restart the Application Module Monitor Service.


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