List of improvements available in Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.4



New Neverfail Heartbeat installation program "Setup.exe" provides a more robust and recoverable installation process:

- Improved automatic retrieval of system specific information during all stages of install for Neverfail Heartbeat v4.4 Core, Application Modules and AM(X)s.
- Setup process can be exited and configuration saved at certain points in the install.
- A partially completed installation can now be resumed.
- Certain system checks are enforced to prevent installs on incompatible systems. For example OS, Service Pack, Windows directory.
- Detailed install / uninstall audit log for support and troubleshooting purposes.
- Consistent look and feel throughout all stages of the installation.


Neverfail Heartbeat release V4.4 offers improved system reliability and performance over previous versions of the software. Improvements and changes detailed by component:

Interceptor Component:

Improved handling of
- Frequent file / folder renames during full system check.
- Short-to-long file name translation.
- STOP operations under load.
- Flush volume operations during a STOP operation.

Performance improvement has been gained from Heartbeat using the Windows system pagefile, instead of NFPagFil.sys.

Controller Component:

- Neverfail Heartbeat is now dependent on the WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) service during startup.

Neverfail Heartbeat Tool Tray Icon:

Tool tray icon now reports the following component versions for support purposes:
- Heartbeat version, gathered from registry.
- Tool tray icon version.
- The Neverfail.jar version.

Manager Component:

- Enhanced gathering of configuration information which is then displayed by the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Console.
- Avoid repeated reconnection of nfclient with commands.

Channel Component:

Improved handling in the CommsMgr
- When out of physical disk space events occur.
- When excessive unsent messages are present in the send queue.
- For CPU thread prioritisation during file system verify and synchronize tasks.

Default HandshakeTimeout is now 30 seconds, for greater channel resilience

Registry Interceptor:

- Improved handling of resource allocation failure.


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