Manually created SQL Server backups outside the protected set will not be replicated to the passive server



This article describes the behaviour of Neverfail Heartbeat for SQL Server or Neverfail for Win-Pak, when files are backed up as normal on the Active server.

More Information

Backups created manually by a user, in a location specified by the user will not be detected and replicated by default using Neverfail Heartbeat. They will only be available on the server that created them. The backup management software may report there is a backup set available when it is not, this is because it is present on the other server.

Backups will only be replicated if they are created within an area detected by Heartbeat. For example a subfolder of the MSSQL Data directory.

If the backups are required on the passive server they should always be saved to one of the protected location.

Neverfail recommend writing backups to tape or backup servers rather than Neverfail Heartbeat protected locations. This provides protection against primary and secondary server failure.


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