Best Practices: Manually starting and stopping applications via the Application Manager. (Sharepoint)



This article contains recommendations for Neverfail for SharePoint.

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The Application Manager provides controls to run the stop and start scripts for individual applications. These controls are provided primarily for testing purposes and are not recommended as a means of stopping the application under protection.

Recommended Stop Procedure
To stop the protected application Neverfail advocate the following procedure

1. Press the 'Stop Replication' button on the System Panel
2. Opt to include the application in the stop control.


1. Configure the application to stop automatically with Neverfail Heartbeat.
2. Issue the following command
c$> net stop nfserverr2

Application Manager Start / Stop Controls

If the Application Manager is used to control the application please consider the following issues carefully before using these controls. Note instructions on using the individual controls are provided in the on-line help.

1. The Neverfail Application Monitor Service should be in the stopped state. Issue a stop on the service in the Service Control Manager. Failure to stop the monitor service will result in the following
- Services get restarted triggering one of the configured actions in the monitor GUI. For services configured to auto switch this can cause an undesired switch over.
- Services fail to respond to the stop command because a dependant service that had already been stopped is restarted by the monitor.
- With large numbers of services under the stop control you may never achieve the stopped state because services are restarted. Ultimately resulting in an application timeout event being issued.

2. The filter discovery process for applications

- SQL Server
- IIS Server
- SharePoint Server

requires the services to be running so that files requiring protection can be discovered. Stopping the application does not stop the automatic filter discovery process, this may result in either the following conditions occuring

- Discovery process failing for the period the service is not running.
- Filters being removed temporarily during application stopped periods.
- Filters will be added again once the service starts up so the data is always protected when the service is running. An additional verify / synchronize operation may be performed when the filter is introduced.

3. Where multiple applications exist

- SQL Server and SharePoint
- IIS and SQL Server

Neverfail strongly recommends that Adminsitrators do not stop the individual applications because there are often dependancies between the applications. Please issue the stop and start on the top level server object so that both applications are stopped together.


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