Adding new databases to a Neverfail for SQL Server pair prior to a switch


This article describes default behavior of Neverfail for SQL Server when detecting new databases.

More Information
Neverfail for SQL Server will discover newly created databases every 2 minutes by default. If a new database is created a switch should be avoided until the new database has first been detected by Neverfail Heartbeat and then replicated to the Passive server. This issue may be more evident during initial testing or evalutation of Neverfail for SQL Server as switching can occur more frequently depending on the tests performed.

If a new Microsoft SQL Server database has recently been added to the Active server, Neverfail recommends waiting until this new database has been detected and replicated before performing a switch or failover.

Neverfail Heartbeat filter discovery (Discovery of new Microsoft SQL Server databases) runs every 2 minutes by default. This means Neverfail Heartbeat will automatically add a new file filter for any new Microsoft SQL Server databases within this time period.


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