Neverfail for SharePoint AM(X) does not support the Backward Compatible Document Library.


This Knowledgebase article relates to Neverfail for SharePoint Portal 2003, and contains important information that should be read before commencing with a Neverfail for SharePoint install.

While the AMX for SharePoint will configure protection for Backward Compatible Document Library files and services during the Neverfail install, problems or issues arising from their use are not supported by the Neverfail Support Contract

Neverfail recommends:

- Removing the Backward Compatible Document Library component before installing Neverfail for SharePoint


- Removing the filters protecting the Document Library files after installing Neverfail for SharePoint

After a Switchover or Failover, the Document Library services will not be available until the Primary server is active again. If these services are required on the Secondary server, you will need to rely on documented backup procedures to provide them.

The Backward Compatibility Document Library services and files are protected during install to safeguard the operation of other SharePoint services that are supported by the AMX.

The Document Library provides backward-compatibility for SharePoint data created and managed on a SharePoint Portal 2001 server. It will be present if:

- The server to be protected has been upgraded from SharePoint Portal 2001 to SharePoint Portal 2003


- The server is a clean install of SharePoint Portal 2003, and the optional component was installed from the CD. This allows data previously stored on a SharePoint Portal 2001 server to be exported and then imported to the new SharePoint 2003 server.

When the optional component is installed from the CD, the following services are installed.

- Microsoft Portal Server Document Management (Msdmserv)
- Microsoft Exchange Information Store (msexchangeis)

Known Issues

1) The checkpoint file E00.chk is not currently protected by the Neverfail filter discovery process. A filter can be created manually to protect this file; however, it does not guarantee that the Document Library will function.

2) Microsoft has designed the SharePoint Document Library to use circular logging in order to minimize disk space usage. This means that old logs are overwritten when new ones are created. The database is therefore not guaranteed to be 100% recoverable in the event of hardware failure.

3) A side effect of circular logging is that if the Document Library is left running when Neverfail Heartbeat is not started and connected, then the old log files will remain on the passive server. The presence of these log files may cause issues during Failover recovery. Administrators may need to delete these files before the store can mount.

4) During an application shutdown or Switchover, the application pool for the Document Library (running as an external worker process named w3wp.exe) may crash as one of the services it communicates with stops. This will result in a "Dr Watson" report being generated. This does not cause problems during normal operation, but does create event log entries and crash reports.

5) The Document Management Library may fail to start on the Secondary server if SharePoint SP1 was installed before the Neverfail installation was started, and the following may appear in the Windows event log:

EventID 24578
Source SharePoint Portal Server
Type Error
"Upgrade to version 11.0.5704.0 failed. The error code returned was 0x80150804."

The server is attempting to downgrade itself from SP1 to pre SP1.

This issue may be prevented by deleting the contents of the Document Library data directory on the Secondary server after the restore from backup has been completed during the Neverfail install process.

How to check if the Backward Compatibility Document Library installed?
Neverfail SCOPE reports all installed services on a server. Refer to the list of services to see if the following two services are present:

- Microsoft Portal Server Document Management (Msdmserv)
- Microsoft Exchange Information Store (msexchangeis)


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