Recommendations for configuring Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) when installed on a Neverfail Heartbeat server pair



This article contains information related to Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Neverfail Heartbeat.

More Information

When Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) is present on a system. Neverfail recommends the following conditions are met.

1. MOM is disabled or put into maintenance mode during installation of Neverfail Heartbeat.
2. MOM service is set to manual and appended to the start stop scripts on both servers.
3. MOM uses management packs which are pre-configured application scripts for alerts, security and monitoring. These typically monitor services by default and these entries need to be edited from MOMs configuration. You can allow alerts and monitoring but MOM can not have any 'action' effect on these services.

MOM Exchange default settings

Enables service monitoring of the following services:

· Microsoft Exchange Information Store

· Microsoft Exchange Management

· Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks

· Microsoft Exchange System Attendant

· Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

· World Wide Web Publishing Service


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