List of improvements available in Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.6.2



This article lists improvements in Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.6.2

More Information

This release includes a Service Pack upgrade for use when upgrading from v4.6.1 (or similar).

Maintenance fixes and enhancements

Neverfail Heartbeat release V4.6.2 offers improved system reliability and performance over previous versions of the software. Improvements and changes are detailed by component below.


1. Sophos Anti Virus is now supported on Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.2 and has successfully completed our interoperability testing as part of the QA test cycle.

Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.2 uses enhanced file handling techniques to allow better interoperability with various Anti Virus products.

DNS Tool:

2. Added support for Name Server IP addresses to be passed as parameters.

This allows a specific list of Domain name servers to be passed in addition to gathering a list from a forest.

Interceptor Component:

3. Improved handling of administrative shares. e.g. \\myserver\c$

In previous versions of Neverfail Hearbeat it was possible to generate an error similar to "invalid fully qualified root directory" if a file or folder was copied to a folder on a protected server via the administrative share.

Application Monitor:

4. The timeout limit has been increased for querying WMI.

This will reduce risk of problems where in rare circumstances certain process attributes may not return a value.

Setup Component:

5. New functionality has been introduced that allows Neverfail Heartbeat to be updated by a Service Pack which is included in the downloadable kit for Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.2. See knowledgebase article 487 for further information.

6. Neverfail Heartbeat uninstallation has been improved.


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