How to change the Neverfail Channel IP address(es), When Neverfail Engine is Already Installed As A Pair




This Knowledgebase article provides information about how to change the Neverfail Channel IP address(es), when Neverfail Engine is installed as a server pair.


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There may be occasions where it is necessary to change the channel IP address(es) on a Neverfail server pair.  Neverfail can accommodate the requirement with some minor configuration changes.


To change the Neverfail Channel IP address on a Neverfail server pair, follow the steps below:

The following steps assume the server pair is configured with the Primary server as Active, and the Secondary server as Passive.

On the Primary server:

  1. Stop Neverfail Engine leaving the protected applications running.
  2. From Windows Networking and Sharing console, change the Channel IP address making sure it is set in a different subnet class than the principal (public) address. If the principal (public) IP and channel IP are in the same subnet, please see Knowledgebase article #466 - How to Create a Static Route for the Neverfail Channel Connection Where the Channel and Principal (Public) IP Addresses Are on the Same Subnet in a WAN Environment.
  3. Open the Server Configuration wizard on the Primary server and click on the Channel tab.
  4. Edit the channel IP address(es). The Primary server channel IP can be selected from the drop down box. The Secondary server channel IP address needs to be filled in manually, ensuring to press ENTER once the IP address of the Secondary server is correct.
  5. Click Finish . Note: If you do not press ENTER , the changes will not be stored.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 on the Secondary server.
  7. Restart Neverfail Engine on the Secondary (passive) server.
  8. Restart Neverfail Engine on the Primary (active) server and allow servers to re-sync.


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