List of improvements available in Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.7.1



This article lists improvements in Neverfail Heartbeat version 4.7.1

More Information

This release includes a Service Pack for upgrading from v4.6.x and V4.7.0

Maintenance fixes and enhancements

Neverfail Heartbeat release V4.7.1 offers improved system reliability and performance over previous versions of the software. Improvements and changes are detailed by component below.


File State Manager

1. A number of significant performance enhancements have been introduced to improve the handling of multiple file renames, file moves and files that are out of synch.

All versions of Neverfail Heartbeat will benefit from these enhancements. Data synchronization and replication will be faster on server pairs running with large amounts of data; and performance in respect of synchronizing very large numbers of files and folders has been optimized, in order to enhance performance on enterprise-class file servers.

Interceptor Component:

2. Improved handling of Out of sync files.

Setup Component:

3. Improved service pack functionality.

Allows Neverfail Heartbeat to be updated by a Service Pack which is included in the downloadable kit for Neverfail Heartbeat V4.7.1

Log Collector:

4. Improved collection of log files for support purposes.

The Log Collector is now part of the downloadable Heartbeat software kit available from the Neverfail extranet.


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