Incorrect IP address registration in DNS



This article provides information how to troubleshoot incorrect IP registration in DNS servers (Primary or Secondary).

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In a WAN environment all NICs should be configured not to register their I.P. addresses with a DNS server. If the WAN environment IP management has been setup according to the Neverfail Heartbeat reference guide there should not be any problems addressing accidental registration of the IPs: Channel IPs shouldn’t be registered in the DNS as there is not specified a DNS server in TCP/IP configuration and the Passive Public IP might only be registered in the DNS server if Neverfail Packet Filter is not installed/configured properly. In order to avoid such problems "Register this connection’s addresses in DNS" must be unchecked in the NICs TCP/IP options.

Accidental IP registration can cause clients connectivity issues and Neverfail Channel failure. In WAN implementations, Neverfail DNSUpdate.exe command will take care of all IP registration in the DNS servers.


The following procedure should be done on all servers’ NICs.

1. Open TCP/IP Properties

2. Go to Advanced

3. Select DNS tab

4. Uncheck "Register this connection’s addresses in DNS"


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