Product_AMX table


The PRODUCT_AMX table is the master record table for issuing new AM(X) pf numbers.

The AM(X) pf number is a 4 digit number that uniquely identifies the AM(X) and is used by the license key checking process to ensure that a customer is licensed to use a particular AM(X).

The actual AM(X) code is made up of the partner id (co_idauto) for the partner that wrote the AM(X) concatenated with the pf number. For example, an AM(X) written by Neverfail would appear as "1-1001".

A page exists on the Neverfail Admin menu on the Extranet that enables the viewing and editing (by authorized individuals) of the PRODUCT_AMX table.

The initial filter enables the user to either view "active records" or all records that have not been flagged as deleted. Note no data is ever actually deleted, "deleted" records are merely flagged as no longer visible.

We have therefore have three categories of record:

  1. Active records - these represent AM(X)s that are currently released
  2. Inactive records - these represent AM(X)s that are not currently in use, but may become active in the future. For example, whenever a new record is added by default it is inactive. Once the AM(X) is released the flag is changed to active.
  3. Deleted records - these represent AM(X)s that are no longer used. For example we orginally created 2 AM(X) codes for Neverfail for SharePoint (one to deal with implementation on IIS and on for implementation on Filserver). A single AM(X) was subsequently released to deal with both these scenarios and one of the old AM(X) codes became defunct. It was flagged as deleted.

The PRODUCT_AMX table will provide the text that flows through to the online price list. At present (2006-07-05) this link is not in place and any change in text should be notified to .

The PRODUCT_AMX table is used by the following routines:

  1. Customer Wizard (Add Licenses and/or Individuals to new or existing customer records)
  2. Partner Licenses Wizard (Change the features or AM(X)s on the Partner's NFR license authorizations

When editing the AM(X) details the following points should be noted:

  1. The margin field is currently disabled as it is not in use
  2. When deactivating a record you must provide a reason for the deactivation
  3. There is a comments box for any general notes you wish to make in respect of this AM(X)
  4. When the status is changed from active / inactive an email is sent to the .finance email broadcast group

Any questions regarding this table or the use of the editing pages should be directed to


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