How to configure Neverfail for IIS Server to exclude locations from protection



This knowledgebase article describes how to exclude locations from protection.

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In order to exclude an area from protection you must edit the file iis-filter-excludes.txt, which can be found in %installdir%\r2\bin.

Neverfail recommends copying the existing "iis-filter-excludes.txt" file to a separate location before editing. This can then be copied back to the default location and avoids any need to shutdown Heartbeat while making the changes.


The exclude file does not require full paths and can be configured to contain only parts of the path.

The Neverfail Filter discovery component will compare the string pattern from within iis-filter-excludes.txt with the configured filter set. If any filter contains the pattern, it will be removed from protection.

Every filter that is found to contain any of the strings in the file will be excluded; the file uses Unicode encoding. Each pattern in the exclude file should be on a new line.


Click on to download and extract a copy of the default exclude file.  Also, click on to download and extract a usage example.

For each line, in order, within the file (if used on its own without the other filters):

  • Remove all filters that are on partition C
  • Remove those that are on partition D
  • Remove those that contain “\Program files\” (if they weren’t removed already)
  • Remove all the other filters (‘\’ will match any filter because every filter contains ‘\’)

Once the "iis-filter-excludes.txt" has been edited, it should be saved to the same location and Neverfail for IIS Server restarted.

Please contact your Neverfail Support Representative for further information.

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