How to configure Neverfail for IIS Server using discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config (enable verbose logging)



This article describes how to use the discoverFilterIISServer.exe in Neverfail for IIS Server to perform a variety of different tasks using "discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config".

More Information

"discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config" is located within %installdir%\r2\bin and can be modified using any editor.

The following information can be used to configure Neverfail for IIS Server using "discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config".

Note: Verbose logging can be enabled using this article.

discoverFilterIISServer.exe --help usage: discoverFilterIISServer.exe [-h -v=<verbosity>

-f=<format> -o=<output file> -d]

-h - prints this help

-v=<verbosity> - verbosity level (0 - 4, 0 means no output, 4 is the highest level of logging). Default is 2.

-f=<format> - format of output file. Can be either text of nfd. Default is nfd.

-o=<output file> - output will be written to file <output file>. Default is IISServer. If the path contains spaces you need to wrap it inside "; e.g. "C:\Program Files\Neverfail"

-setup - enters setup mode. Sets file type to txt, sets output file to 'IISServer.filters', adds both static and dynamic filters but won't backup the metabase.

-static - won't discover filters, won't backup the metabase, will only build the static filters list. If you don't specify this switch it will add the static filters and discover new ones.

-backup - won't discover filters, won't build static filters, it will only backup the metabase. If you don't specify this switch it will add the static filters, discover new filters and backup the metabase if necessary.

-d     - toggles debug mode (debug mode can be activated only if verbosity level is higher than 3)

The "discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config" file is written using XML and stores configuration for the filter discovery program. The settings that can be changed are all grouped in the section “IISFilterDiscovery”. Note: Settings in other sections should not be modified.

Example of IISFilterDiscovery section from "discoverFilterIISServer.exe.config":


<!-- all properties are case sensitive. -->

<!-- maximum number of Neverfail metabase backups to keep. default value is 3. -->

<backups value="3" />

<!-- logs verbosity level, 0 is the lowest verbosity level, 4 is the highest;

default value is 2. -->

<verbosity value="2" />

<!-- protect IIS log folders ?  default value is true. -->

<protectLogs value="yes" />



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