RETIRED - How to protect new ColdFusion server instances created after the Neverfail Heartbeat for Macromedia ColdFusion module has been installed (Outside of the default runtime root location)



This article provides a procedure that can be used to protect new Coldfusion server instances, post installation of Neverfail Heartbeat for Macromedia Coldfusion, if they are setup outside of the default runtime root.

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Follow the steps below to protect new Macromedia Coldfusion instances after installation of the Neverfail Heartbeat for Macromedia Coldfusion AM(X):

-Make sure the Primary Server is Active.
-Create the new ColdFusion Application server
-Using the ColdFusion MX 7 (Multiserver version)\ ColdFusion MX Administrator
Accepting the default path, under the %Jrun install path%\servers will ensure the server is protected automatically.
-Allow the server creation to complete.
-If you specified a path outside the default location use the Neverfail Management Client to create a filter protecting the server (append \** to the end of the folder path used above).

-To update the Neverfail Heartbeat Service Monitoring configuration
-Shutdown Neverfail Heartbeat, opt to leave the protected application running.

-Follow these steps on both Primary and Secondary servers:
-Run Setup.exe and select "Remove Component".
-Select the "ColdFusion" Application Module from the list of available modules.
-Click Next, to complete the uninstall, and then 'Finish'.
-Run Setup.exe and select "Add Component".
-Browse to the location of the ColdFusion.amx script.
-Completing the Service Installation on the Secondary Server
-Start Configure Server Wizard and from the Machine tab select Secondary-Passive as the server role.
-Restart Neverfail Heartbeat
-Restart Neverfail Heartbeat on the Primary-Active server.
-Restart Neverfail Heartbeat on the Secondary-Passive server.

For further information please contact your Neverfail support representative.

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