Neverfail for BlackBerry WAN deployments need to be configured to prevent SRP lockout using split brain avoidance



This article describes how to prevent SRP lockout on a WAN using Neverfail for BlackBerry.

More Information

In normal operation a Neverfail for BlackBerry server pair will be configured to use the same SRP. This could lead to an SRP lockout of the BlackBerry software.

In a WAN environment Neverfail for BlackBerry must be configured to use Split brain avoidance in order to avoid an SRP lockout. To do this successfully the passive server needs to be configured to check a public IP address on the active server which is visible on the Internet. For the check to be successful packets that are sent to this address must be configured to leave the passive server via its local Internet connection and not via the internal LAN.

For further information please contact your Neverfail support representative.


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