Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6.2


Sequence Bugzilla Description
B3666 “Black Duck” changes to fix potential license issues.
No functionality change.
Interceptor: Sophos interop issues.
B3808 Interceptor: Handling of zero-length updates.
Interceptor: Fix for potential BSOD.
B3834 Interceptor: LostWriteException when compressing files
B3837 Interceptor: Fix handling of Root Directory Metadata – this was generating an exception that was causing HB to be restarted.
B3699 AMSqlServer: Fix to warn for default instance of SQLServerAgent Currently only warns for SQLAgent.
B3654 App Monitor GUI: Help text control now has its own scroller.
B3731 Setup: Restart option should start dependents. (Not used in any scripts so should be no visible functionality change.)
B3591 Setup: Added confirmation dialog for leaving secondary address blank.
B3783 Setup: "Stop Neverfail Heartbeat" page is no longer displayed if the base install type is "Client Only" and user is doing a selective uninstall (e.g. of a patch which has previously been applied to the Client Only Install). The result is that Setup does not attempt to stop the non-existent NFHB service.
B3774 Setup: added handling for exception generated when querying NICS for IP address when there are no NICs on the system.
B3812 Setup: Fixed typo in help text
B3793 Setup: Uninstall does not un-archive some critical files.
B3840 Setup: removed crucial line of code from within assert statement. This was causing problems when selecting components in the GUI.
B3785 License: Try to count physical processor on W2k3 at least.
B3780 Comms: Possible fix for Bug 3780. May not fix the issue, but shouldn't do any harm. All it does is make sure that a wait(timeout) does not return unless either the timeout has expired or the condition we are waiting on has been satisfied. There is a suspicion that sometimes the timeout expires too soon. New configurable to prevent buffer stuck from stopping heartbeat as the default behavior.
B3828 Comms: Channel sometimes failing to reconnect on WAN+VPN
Updated readme.txt
Updated User Reference Guide
DNSUpdater: Added support for Name Server IP addresses to be passed as parameters. This allows a specific list of DNS's to be passed instead of getting a list from the Forest. (This has already been field tested on a couple of sites.)
B3844 Install: Patch script for updating earlier V4.6 installations to this version.
SR1841 App Monitor: Extended the timeout length for querying WMI. This was causing problems when monitoring process attributes.
B3852 Config Wizard: corrected errors in validation of port numbers read from the registry.
B3677 Apply: Addition to the fix for this bug - Only check last item in long write linked list for WRITE_DATA_MORE flag when we had success in writing the first write. Avoids null ptr exception.


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