Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6

Sequence Bugzilla Description
E-1 Alternate Data Stream support
E-2 Multiple Application Module support
E-3 B3588 Uses latest Java JRE
E-4 Signed network packet filter driver
E-5 B1191 Document the command line interfaces for HB tools.
E-6 B3291 Kit contains redundant components for WMI?
E-7 B3309 Unsupported feature can lead to a continuous loop of failed sync attempts, which can lead to out of memory exception.
E-8 B3310 AMX API & Documentation are inconsistent for service monitoring
E-9 B3318,
Uninstall or client-only leaves StartMenu items
E-10 B3324 Setup: There is no API call to readregkey or CreateRegVal
E-11 B3227 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory
E-12 Support log collector
E-13 Doc 1 Document and test the command-line interface, and agree a subset which we can provide to customers upon request. (R-1035)
E-14 Doc 2 Install Script Developer’s Guide
E-15 Doc 3 AM Developers' Guide
E-16 B3348, B3346 Should not replicate DRM storage folder or system folders
E-17 B3274 Interceptor: “world went mad” exception – resync of protected data.
E-18 B3223, B3222 Interceptor: Potential BSOD.
E-19 B3343 Interceptor: Potential hang during Stop.
E-20 Manager: Out of Memory fix
E-21 B3462 Removed unnecessary logging
E-22 B3431 Apply: Under certain circumstances a rename operation could be applied to the wrong file.
E-23 Apply: Illegal state exceptions could lead to out of sync system
E-24 B3483 Shared folders whose name began with a space were not being protected.
E-25 B3497 Under certain circumstances under heavy system load HB could fail to synchronize.
E-26 B3460 IlegalStateException could cause a Failover.
E-27 B2489 Heartbeat doesn’t synchronize files/dirs with full path names longer than about MAX_PATH characters
E-28 B2864 HB could continuously attempt to resync systems with unsupported features.
E-29 B3592 Logs could be filled with messages reporting comms messages with multiple ACKs
E-30 B3522 Shutdown after recovering from failover could take a long time.
E-31 B3556 Comms disk quota incorrectly calculated.
E-32 B3216 Request to allow configuration of channel with no secondary IP address.
E-33 B3511 Occasional exception when stopping an unstarted component.
E-34 B3430 Error when handling very long pathnames
E-35 Rollback: Support for batched and delayed deletion during rollback
E-36 Rollback: Support for Alternate Data Streams.
E-37 B3589 Include additional client components when installing client-only.
E-38 B3320 Install could fail when recursively copying folders.
E-39 B3537 Install: checking for wrong OS version.
E-40 B3294
Install: allow backup to be cancelled.
E-41 B3322 Install: Cannot be launched from remote share.
E-42 B3305
Install: Message wording changes.
E-43 B3281 Install: check box relating to placing shortcuts in the start menu is no longer present
E-44 B3269 Install: Duplicate services listed among services that will be stopped during the backup process
E-45 B3572
Install: After uninstall the start menu is not cleared.
E-46 B3652 Running out of disk space on a stand alone active server Stops replication.
E-47 Docs Updated Reference Guide and readme
E-48 B3679, B3736 DRM: Bug in Rollback of registry keys – affects fileserver share settings
E-49 B3737 DRM: FlushFileBuffers( ) added to the file block synchronization mechanism. + Fixed file block synch algorithm for target files bigger than source files.
E-50 B3750 DRM: Handle files > 4GB
E-51 B3749 DRM: Files being synchronized twice because of bug in pattern matching.
E-52 B3577 Setup: Should stop dependent services as well as explicitly protected services after backup-restore on secondary.
E-53 B3731 Setup: Start.bat should START dependents of any protected services that are RESTARTed in the start.bat.
E-54 B3719 Install script: Protect “%systemdrive%\Dokumente und Einstellungen\”
E-55 B3699 Ensure that warning is given for SQLAgent for consistencies sake with sql2000 am. We should not however be warning about the other services which may not even be installed or enabled.
E-56 B3710, B3688 Fileserver NFD file was not being removed on uninstall.
E-57 B3707 SQL: Add filters for MSDTC because service was protected but config was not.
E-58 B3699, B3702 Minor tweak so that we do not show warning about services being stopped. Rely on setup checking for automatic or started.
E-59 B3702, B3699 Some extra services no longer protected: Cisvc, MSDTC, Task Scheduler
E-60 B3688 Handling of more than 250 shares during installation. Now adds any number of shares as filters (in blocks of up to 30KB at a time). Now adds any number of shares to the backup if user requests backup of protected data.
E-61 B3703 Setup attempts to write registry value to a key with a Syntax error. This left win2003 pre-sp1 possibly using the wrong HookReg mechanism and could lead to BSOD.
E-62 B3609 Setup: GUI - added *.vbs to list of file name filters.
E-63 B3644 Super long licenses break the changelog.txt (unable to uninstall). Now allocates a 10K-chars buffer instead of 512-chars.
E-64 B3697 Apply: Sync stuck - apply responding with wrong vsresponse type. When sending a sync/verify response back to FSM, check that response is either valid sync or valid verify response. ApplyDeadEvent if not!
E-65 B3687 Apply: Incorrect file sharing used - caused error 32 (file in use by another process) errors.
E-66 Added file "otherlicenses.txt" to cover 3rd-party licenses, copyrights and attribution. Removed "gpl-license.txt" and "Log4j-License.txt" - the contents of these has been incorporated in "otherlicenses.txt" along with a few others.
E-67 B3677: Apply: Null Pointer Exception. Apply code was trashing the linked list (for fragmented writes) when a write failed. Issue came in Access Denied, Sharing Violation problems where a retry was done - linked list had been trashed!!!! Can’t retry when no ruddy data left to retry with! This was due to a change between V4.5.1 and V4.6 to correct a poss. mem leak (linked list was not reset on a failed write). This fix does a check to see if we are retrying, and if so, linked list is left well alone! I also ditched a few unnecessary while loops in preference of LinkedList.clear() which does the same thing. I have changed the file as well for consistency, although the retry issue would never have cropped up there.
E-68 B3663. Apply: Changed to correct the issue where apply tried to write to offset -1 in a file. Under certain circumstances, the interceptor can see a write that specifies special values as the FileWriteOffset, these values indicate that apply should commit the Write to the file from file offset = EOF+1. - seek to eof, not eof+1
E-69 B3651: Setup: client only install was broken for command-line clients. DLLs were missing. Also added the Unicode version of nfcmd and nfclientcon which uses current console.
E-70 B3634, B3608 : Exchange filters not discovered during installation.
E-71 Support Multiple AMs
E-72 Support ADS


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