Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.5


Sequence Bugzilla Description
D-1 Data Rollback Module
D-3 B3369 Help text missing from Management Client Login screen.
D-4 B3368 B3403 B3416 Trailing slash in folder name in MSDE config causes SQL filter discovery to construct an illegal file filter.
D-5 Short file names shouldn’t be used by Heartbeat.
D-7 B3343 Occasionally HB Interceptor will get stuck in stop, requiring a system reboot to cleanup.
D-8 B3313 The default service protection should be restart, restart, and restart.
D-9 B3363 FileServer and Exchange XML scripts should not be pre-populated with services
D-10 B3371 Help text in ConfigWizard slightly ambiguous.
D-11 B3308 Request to report hardware ID in NFlog
D-12 B3319 Setup: installing from location is wrong.
D-13 B3380 We don’t handle IllegalStateException (See SR1291 Benchmark Capital)
D-14 B3321 BSOD on active server during synchronization under load
D-15 B3465 Failure to failover – shouldn’t fire more than 1 HBstoppedEvent.
D-16 B3473 B3396 BSOD when uninstalling packet filter driver.
D-17 B3140 Periodically dump HB stats into nflog.
D-18 B3344 Initializing Configuration GUI stuck at the “loading License Data”. Caused by B3225 "space in path" problems ... rolling back previous change.
D-19 B3373 Changed the Comms stats reported to Scope.
D-20 B3412 Service will not be monitored if state is AUTO & STOPPED [but will appear in start stop scripts]
D-21 B3363 FileServer and Exchange XML scripts should not be Pre-populated with services.
D-22 B3032 Monitor GUI. zero poll interval now disallowed
D-23 SR1263 Setup on non-English OS: Code which looks for NTBackup log now surrounded by try/catch so that if it fails, it does not cause the entire install to fail


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