Contents of Neverfail Heartbeat V4.3.3


B-1 2893 and 2908 Out of Memory Reduce the amount of memory used by FSM when scheduling its tasks.
In particular, improve the behavior when Apply decides that files should be marked as OOS.
B-2 2906 Volume Shadow Copy Issues Make Interceptor driver less prone to non-paged pool issues. Make interceptor driver less prone to interference with Volume Shadow Copy
B-3 n/a
B-4 Patching Mechanism (not available until 2005-05-20
B-5 1789 2470 2809 Handle out of disk better.
This is partially done in the mainline code, but we held off including it in V4.3.2 because initial testing showed that the behavior still had some rough edges.
B-6 Fileserver permissions, files do not permit access to SYSTEM. Exhibited at MOD & TAWA Although strictly excluded from the capabilities of our initial Fileserver release, we need to be able to get round this for any real-world implementation.
B-7 Large number of OutOfSync events causes Out of Memory As described in Lyndon’s note. This is not restricted to fileserver. Done. This is closely related to B-1, so we will document it as B-1
B-8 Windows 2003 SP1 - support for 3Gb Switch W2K3 SP1 reportedly fixes this, but a new error exists. We don’t know whether it’s ours or Microsoft’s. Partner pressure (mainly Wisdom) requires us to support the 3Gb switch for large Exchange implementations.
B-9 Windows 2003 SP1 – Our Installation Has been released and partners are already asking about upgrading. Our (third-party) installer crashes if SP1 is installed.
B-10 2854 Windows 2003 SP1 - registry replication issues.
B-11 Application slowdown – Option to store unsafe queue on disk when LBO compression is turned on.
B-12 3008 Unable to bind to Neverfail stats reg key during start up
B-13 3019 Interceptor fails to stop in SR 571Corgi
B-14 3026 Full system check did not start after recovering failed server.
B-15 3041 Endless connection warning popup from the server overview GUI
B-16 3023 CommsMgr stops too soon
B-17 2652 Manager - Loading config from XML should set properties globally.
B-18 3017 Packet Filter - Wrong size specified for buffer when reading ip addresses from driver.


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