Providing correct domain credentials in the Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client



This information applies only to WAN implementations. During the IP registration in the DNS servers (e.g. switchover, failover, Neverfail start up) Neverfail may display the following error: “Unable to execute command : DNSUpdate …” closely followed by “Unknown user: username\domainname”. The IP address will fail to be registered in the DNS servers.

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The problem resides in the different domain name set up in the Heartbeat GUI and the start.bat script.

Here is the syntax for the DNSUpdate command:

Echo NFCMD doExecuteAsUser <domain admin name> <domain name> "DNSUpdate -p <primary public IP address> -s <secondary public IP address>" <protected application name> start

Under normal conditions the domain names should match because Neverfail will automatically enter the correct name in the start script during installation.  However, if the start script is manually edited or the user account present in the GUI is changed later on, then problems may arise.

If the domain name in Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client is the FQDN (e.g. then in the Start script the FQDN must also be specified inside the NFCMD command for the DNSUpdate tool.

If the domain name entered in Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client is the domain NetBIOS name (e.g. neverfail) then in the start script the NetBIOS domain name must be specified.


Please make sure that the domain name in Neverfail Heartbeat Management Client and the start script are the same.

If the domain names don’t match then DNSUpdate will fail to register the new public IP in the DNS servers.

For further information on troubleshooting DNSUpdate please see KB 389 or contact your Neverfail support representative.


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