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This Knowledgebase article is one of a series of articles linked to Knowledgebase article #4 - 'Products and Versions' that explains the various releases of Neverfail Heartbeat.

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V5 and V5.0 Heartbeat Technical Documentation – Documents Produced and Compatibility Chart

This section shows technical documentation from V5 and V5.0.

Table of Technical Documentation, showing versions & dates produced

Prefix Name Version Description Comments Date Available Date Superseded
Td-H Acceptance Verification V5.0-00 Helps determine post-installation verification First version of V5.0 documentation 2006-07-11 2008-04-28
Td-H Reference Guide V5.0-00 Full details on using Neverfail Heartbeat First version of V5.0 documentation 2006-07-11 2006-08-09
V5.0-03 Compatible with V5.0.1 2006-08-09 2008-04-28
Td-H Cascading V5.0-00 Asks as an addendum to the above for the Cascading (also known as Tertiary)functionality First version of V5.0 documentation 2006-08-09 2008-04-28

Compatibility Matrix for Documentation

This table lists the versions of documents which are compatible with the V5 and V5.0 service packs; at the time of writing there are no service packs for V5 or V5.0.

Prefix Name Version V5 V5.0.1 V5.0.2 V5.0.3
Td-H Acceptance Verification V5.0-00 S S S C
Td-H Reference Guide V5.0-00 S I I I
V5.0-03 I S S C
Td-H Cascading V5.0-00 S S S C
C Compatible
S Compatible, but superseded with a version with minor corrections
O Once considered compatible, but superseded with sufficiently major changes that one should no longer consider it compatible
I Incompatible

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Heartbeat Technical Documentation – Where is it distributed and installed

V5 and V5.0 documentation is to be found on the Extranet in 2 places:

  • In the Technical Documentation download section
  • In the Software zip file within the appropriate product area: this is shown below

Matrix Showing What Documentation was Supplied in the Software Zip Files

Prefix Name Version V5 V5.0.1 V5.0.2 v5.0.3
Td-H Acceptance Verification V5.0-00 Y Y Y Y
Td-H Reference Guide V5.0-00 Y N N N
V5.0-03 N Y Y Y
Td-H Cascading V5.0-00 N N N N

Y Supplied with this version
N Not supplied as part of this version.

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