Neverfail AMX for GFI MailEssentials 2006-02-28 - Release Notes



This Knowledgebase article provides release information about this specific version of Neverfail AMX for GFI MailEssentials.

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Release Notes for:

  • Neverfail AM(X) for GFI Mail Essentials 10
    • Neverfail for Exchange
    • Neverfail for FileServer

New Features


Changed Features


Issues Fixed

  • This version of the AMX fixes a problem with the 2006-02-19 version. The problem involved a potential failure to install due to the spelling of a variable name.

Known Issues


Installation Information

  1. Pre-requisites
  2. This product requires one of the following Application Modules to be installed and licensed,

  • Neverfail for Exchange
  • Neverfail for FileServer

This product requires a valid license key obtained from the Neverfail Extranet authorizing the use of this product (ID 1-1010).

This AM(X) is compatible with Neverfail Heartbeat V4.6[.n]. Please note it cannot be used with previous versions of Heartbeat.

  • Installation
  • Note: This product should be installed during the Neverfail Heartbeat install process.

    1. Extract the downloaded zip archive.
    2. When prompted for an AM(X) script during the Setup process, browse to the location of the extracted AM(X) script.
    3. Then press Next .
    4. The automated installer will perform system compatibility checks before proceeding with the Neverfail installation.
    5. If these checks fail and are non-critical, the installer can press the Back button and rectify the problem before proceeding. Critical errors may cause the installer to abort. Copy and paste the install summary report if you are in doubt of the exact cause, and submit it to Support.

    Applies To

    Neverfail AMX for GFI MailEssentials 2006-02-28

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