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This Knowledgebase article explains the protection offered by Symantec Mail Security AM(X). A sister article, Knowledgebase article #563 - 'Symantec Mail Security – Application Module eXtension – Versions', lists all the versions of the AM(X) that we have produced to date and the versions of related supported software. In addition, there are links from that sister article to articles that explain the unique features of each version.

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Symantec Information Foundation Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (formally Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange) provides anti-virus and anti-spam mail scanning for Microsoft Exchange 2003 and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and works on 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. The AM(X) protects the Symantec Mail Security services and server configuration running on the File Level anti-virus product from this vendor.

Protected Services

This is a list of all services protected by this AM(X). Please note that where an AM(X) supports multiple vendor versions, some services may not be present in a particular version.

  • Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange (SMSMSE)
  • Symantec Mail Security Spam Statistics (SAVFMSESpamStatsManager)
  • Symantec Mail Security Utility Service (SAVFMSESpamStatsManager)
  • Symantec Spam Folder Agent for Exchange (BMISFA)

When the AM(X) is installed, all protected services will be set to manual unless otherwise stated.

Protected Data

This is a description of the protected data set that was determined when the AM(X) was installed. Please note that exact filters will be based on the configuration of the application when the AM(X) was installed.

  • All registry configurations are protected by this AM(X);
  • File filters protect the Symantec Mail Security configuration, data and log files.

Automatic Filter Discovery

The AM(X) does not provide a filter discovery component. The AMX will need to be reinstalled according to Knowledgebase article #462 -  'How to upgrade or reinstall an Application Module to protect previously unprotected features' if the application is reconfigured so that new locations are specified for files that are currently protected.

Other Features

Virus Definitions are handled in the following manner:

  • The virus definitions DAT files obtained from the Auto Update component are not protected. This is because the update schedule can be run on the passive server causing apply exceptions because the files are in use.
  • If there is a management IP address available on the passive then scheduled DAT updates can occur when the server is passive.
  • In cases where there is no management IP address the latest DATs are obtained when the server becomes active because Symantec’s LiveUpdate is run as a PreStart command.

Exception: Version 2007-03-27

  • This version protected the virus definition files only if the Symantec File-Level anti-virus was not present.
  • Included virus definitions in the snapshot created with the Data Rollback Module.
  • However in some cases it was found that apply exceptions can occur during periods of definition updates.
  • Neverfail recommends that version 2007-03-27 is upgraded to 2007-07-11 if the File Level anti-virus component is absent.

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