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This Knowledgebase article describes how to download Neverfail software products from the Neverfail Extranet.

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All Neverfail software products can be downloaded from the Neverfail Extranet under the 'Products / Downloads' menu. Each Neverfail module – called an Application Module or Plug-in – has a dedicated web page accessible from this menu using its corresponding options, for example 'Neverfail for Exchange', 'Neverfail for SQL Server', etc. The following Application Modules/Plug-ins are available for downloading:

  • Neverfail for BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Neverfail for Exchange
  • Neverfail for File Server
  • Neverfail for Good Mobile Messaging
  • Neverfail for IIS
  • Neverfail for Lotus Domino
  • Neverfail for RightFax Server
  • Neverfail for SharePoint
  • Neverfail for SQL Server

Neverfail SCOPE Data Collector Service can also be downloaded from its option, Neverfail SCOPE.

The Neverfail Application Module Extensions/Plug-ins or AM(X)s can be found on the 'Application Modules/Plug-ins’ web pages with which they are associated and can be installed. For instance, the AM(X)s/Plug-ins for eTrust, Sophos, Symantec or Trend can be found on the “Neverfail for Exchange” web page.


  1. To download Neverfail software, on the Extranet left navigation bar select the Products/Downloads menu.
  2. Select the menu item of the desired product and click the selected product to navigate to the specific product page.
  3. Once on the selected product page, scroll to the download section and click on the desired product and version.
  4. You arrive at the specific product and version page which presents a Download button.  Click on the Download button.
  5. A download dialog is presented with a choice to either Open or Save the file.
  6. Click on Save to download the file to your local server and when asked, designate a location to save the file.

For more information on how to obtain specific Neverfail Heartbeat software, contact your Neverfail Representative.

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